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Everything starts with an "E" - 1992 - 1994

"I'm needing a name for my new band and it needs to start with an E" - Mike Greig 

"Call it Euphony, it means pleasing and ecstatic sound or something like that." Richard Skinner 

Euphony was created by school friends Mike Greig and Scott McAuley in the small Scottish town of Kirriemuir in the North East of Scotland. The town was famous for a number of interesting things but more commonly, being the birthplace of J.M Barie author of Peter Pan, and its links to Bon Scott the original singer of ACDC. The essence of Peter Pan however runs through the veins of all Kirriemuir's exports and Euphony was no exception. Still to this day Scott and Mike reminisce about the early years and how their experiences together learning bits of gear like Cubase 1 on the Atari ST, Roland W30 Samplers, and how not to blow up a Roland D5 shaped them into the producers they are today.

Their original sound was influenced by Italian Piano House, early Trance, and the energetic hard rave sounds of the likes of NJoi, Qtex, and the Prodigy.



Through Time And Space 1994 - 1997

In 1994 Scott decided to go and explore different avenues but Mike continued the Euphony moniker with another school friend, Chris McKean AKA Keno The Stunt Guitarist. In 1994 during the recording of a demo cassette tape at Seagate Recording Studios in Dundee with engineer Mike Brown, "Drum Nature", "Anthem" and "Feeling" were born; going on to be the tracks that secured a signing with Clubscene Records home to other great acts from Scotland such Ultra Sonic and The Rhythmic State. 

Drum Nature EP was re-recorded by engineer Andy Haldane at Apollo Studios in Glasgow. The track saw the addition of vocals from Dundee singer Jenny Henderson and the track "Anthem" was given the lyrical touch by the band's original MC Sensation (Paul Ross). 

Euphony released two singles with Clubscene records, Drum Nature and Time & Space, and toured many live performances throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, and North East/West England. The live performances were augmented by the aerial stunts and gravity-defying skills of dancers Matt Harvey, Roy Lamb, and David Ferguson. 

However, there was one person who kept the band going through thick and thin, who provided the support, encouragement, fired off the pyrotechnics taking out many a bouncer, and truly kept the vibe alive, DJ Davie G (Davie Gardener)

R.I.P Davie G and thank you for everything. 



1997 - 2000


Picture from left to right:

Scott McFarlane - Mike Greig - Alexa Keen

After leaving Clubscene records in 1997, singer-songwriter Scott MacFarlane and vocalist Alexa Keen joined the band. 

During this time, the scene in Scotland had changed, so the band decided to focus their attention on a more commercial Euro Dance sound. However, they were soon to stumble upon a track that would become a Happy Hardcore anthem, "Dancing In The Rain". 

On the vinyl release of Dancing In The Rain, due to restrictions within her current pop project, Alexa Keen couldn't be appropriately credited as the vocalist and subsequently was code-named "Tania". 

"Dancing In The Rain" and "Meaning of Life" were recorded by Mark Tinley at ESL Recordings in Dundee and signed to Force & Styles genre-defining Happy Hardcore label, UK Dance.

"Dancing In The Rain" got its exposure early on with massive support from Force & Styles and DJ Dougal within his mix for the classic Bonkers 3 compilation "A Journey Into Madness."

The track was further supported within the Force & Styles Old School mix on the 

Original Hardcore 2 - The Battle compilation.

In Scotland, Dancing In The Rain was loyally supported by local DJ, and radio jock George Bowie featured as one of his all-time anthems on his popular GBX Experience shows. 

In 2019 it was covered by GBX, Sparkos & Outforce with the vocal talents of Imogen.

"Meaning of life" contained a hint of the band's original new direction, fusing male and female vocals with long soaring guitar lines from Chris McKean, accompanied with the distorted MC'ing from the band's new MC, the late Lenny B (Kenny Breen R.I.P).

The second release on UK Dance was the band's Euro Dance track, "Space Invader", which received the remix treatment from the Lord of Hardcore himself, Scott Brown, and the fabulous late John Horrocks as Quest. 

In 2000 Mike Greig disbanded the band Euphony and continued Euphony as a solo artist/producer.  

In 2001 Mike Greig formed a new writing partnership with Alex Taylor (DJ Storm) to create Storm & Euphony.