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Born in 2007, Al Storm's 24/7 Hardcore Imprint is now home to some of the finest names ever to grace the UK and Happy Hardcore world. Exclusive Artists include Euphony, Rob IYF, UFO, Bananaman, Stompy, Bang!, Yade & Laelia.

Euphony continues to release UK and Happy Hardcore tracks in collaboration with Al Storm on 247 Hardcore. 



2004 - 2008

Definitive Dance was the original release outlet for Heaven7 and Mike Euphony's solo material. Started by Jason Spinback of IMO records and Mike Euphony. 
Other artists to feature on the label were Ultravibes and DJ Breaks.



2001 - 2006

Warped Science was the first hardcore label Storm & Euphony created together with sub labels Cloned Records and Destructive Force. 

Warped Science was the most active during 2001 to 2006 releasing some of the duos best early material. Tracks such as The Red Pill, Blinded, Pure Perfection, and their remixes of classic Bang!; Sailaway, Shooting Star. 

Euphony's "Turn Around" featuring singer songwriter Danielle Treanor was released first on Warped Science with remixes by Storm & Spinback later to be worked on again as an updated set of Al Storm & Euphony mixes for the mighty 247 Hardcore Label. 

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