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1997 - 1999 Clubsoda Event Recordings Available

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

I've been digging through my DAT Tape archives and found lots of recordings from the live PA's we did as a group in the North East of Scotland at a night called Club Soda. At those particular events we performed tracks with more of a House, Hard House and early Trance vibe along with more commercial (Euro) sounding mixes of our other tracks such as "Space Invader.

Club Soda was an amazing night. We supported with regular live appearances along with our close, sadly departed friends and Club Soda co-founders, DJ John Knight and DJ Davie G. (RIP)

Dj Davie G was a loyal supporter of Euphony who joined us on many of our tours throughout Scotland, England and N. Ireland.

Click the button below to get a listen and bag yourself a bit of untold Euphony history. I'll not have this link up for long!

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