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...and so time travel begins......

There is not a day goes by without reminiscing about the 90s. Such a monumental time for many old skool ravers. It was new, the music, the culture, the rebellion, everything back then was just peachy. But, in the blink of an eye it was over, and time marched on swiftly. Music moved on, evolved into numerous future incantations of sonic witchery, new technology influencing new sounds; a rich diverse sonic palette reaching new heights attracting new hungry audiences. The "rave" reimagined as an immense globalised party franchise, spawning a new breed of digital DJ.

Coming out of the 90s and into the early 00s was an interesting one. Everything was changing and the emphasis was on the DJ and not so much on the live acts anymore. That's when I met DJ Storm or AL Storm as he's more commonly known. We joined forces as Storm & Euphony and went forth to carve out our own little space within the UK Hardcore scene.

But recently, I've been feeling a little tired of the new sounds, I feel saturated with the same lead sounds, formula, and an increasing drive towards an MC led audio and visual experience. I miss the days of Live PA's, the theatre that was invested into live performances, and most of all, I miss the really early sounds of the 90s.

As time marches on for myself as a producer, already exploring other avenues creatively I feel a call to return to the beginning. Call it reliving my younger years, a mid life crisis if you feel that's more appropriate, none the less I think it is time to reconnect............

The retro album begins..............

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