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Can't beat a Rave Stab! - My First Ableton Live Pack

Keeping with my current theme of time travel, I embarked on a mission over the last year or so to create my first very own Ableton Live Pack.

The idea of the pack was to revisit sampling in a very "old skool" way; through tuning oscillators to different intervals on some of my hardware synths to stacking sounds from classic digital sound modules to create chord stabs.

Being an Ableton Live fan drove the decision to make a pack with instruments rather than just creating another WAV one-shot pack. I wanted producers to experience the fun and possibilities from the instruments I created within Live.

After talking with makers of excellent packs and add-ons for Ableton Live, I decided to go for it.

I couldn't be more happy to announce "Inspired Rave Stabs" by Euphony Sound Labs!

This Ableton Live pack is a collection of instrument and effect racks oozing with 90s flavour. The pack has been put together by sampling chords created from tuned analog synth oscillators, stacked intervals from classic 90s digital sound modules and the the tonal character of the Roland W30 and Akai S3000. Within this pack there are over 400 variations of stab sounds to keep you gurning to the early hours.

Here are a few audio demos!

I had loads of fun doing this project and ended up writing the draft tracks of a retro album from the sounds I created (teaser alert). ;-)

If you are a producer and want to get your hands on this pack then grab it on the link below at Isotonik Studios - its also on an introductory sale at the moment so go fill your boots!

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