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Finding my way back to vinyl.....

It is a sunny day here in London, and I have a day off from my day job to work on my website. So far, it has been fun navigating the WIX platform, building tiny components for pages, learning about SEO and realising the amount of work required to collect all the information about oneself as an artist and put it all together in a coherent way.

So if you are reading this and are exploring the website, please be patient! I promise there will be lots of bits and bobs added to the site, more info and exciting stories as time goes on.

Today I mainly focussed on putting together a section about Heaven7, the group I formed with singer-songwriter Vickey Fee away in the mid-00s. This was a magical time, and I'll never forget our writing sessions; they were just fabulous. It's not often you meet someone that you just click with, and the ideas just flow.

The section is nearly complete with a bit of narrative and a playlist of tracks from the Definitive Dance archive. I've even managed to get the new Heaven7 logo on some T-Shirts!

Whilst searching the web for links to our tracks, I stumbled across this cute YouTube video in which someone has an original copy of "Speak Of Love" on vinyl playing on a record deck. Just watching and listening to it reminded me so much about a time when getting your tracks out into the physical realm was a fantastic feeling.

Back to the Old School

Putting this website together fills me with nostalgia and longing to go back to my roots using old gear, old techniques, and releasing music on vinyl.

Maybe I just might write an album of music that I would have liked to write away back at the very beginning ............

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