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Time Travel Tuesday - Astra GTE's and Njoi

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

It's time to go back and Njoi all those tracks that got me excited about dance music in the first place. I've decided to jump on the social bandwagon and start "Time Travel Tuesdays" or the Triple T or TTT or ...... you lot can come up with a name. Answers in the comments please!

My plan is to "reZurect" some of my own tracks, share past events, flyers and talk about what inspired me.

I'm hoping to post every Tuesday. Despite having all the good intentions in the world to be posting regularly, I might get a little distracted being Rave Dad to my three young boys!

None the less, let’s start with this weeks Triple T visiting the fabulous year of 1991!

1991 - Rave Tapes!

My fondest memory was careering around in my mates Astra GTE listening to various bootlegged cassette tapes from raves that I wasn’t old enough to go to. (That changed when I had a keyboard under my arm!)

One of the EPs at the time that changed my life forever was MIndFlux EP by NJoi. This was and still is totally awesome especially the track Malfunction ......."Let The Bass KICK!"

Feast your ears around this sonic beauty and get you Rave On!

A note for those who Njoi'd this post, please become a member (bottom of the page) of the website to keep informed of more Triple T's, merchandise, new tracks and of course the Retro Rave Album (that's already underway!)

Keep On Keeping On !

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