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ESL Recordings


Retro Rave & Hardcore Techno Label

After many years Euphony has decided to reboot and transform his 90s project, ESL Recordings.

Starting out as a recording studio in the mid 90s, ESL was the creation space for many of Euphony's early tracks such as Dancing In The Rain. 

With his focus now turning to retro rave and hardcore techno, it only seemed right to rezzurect ;-) ESL Recordings and transform it into label. 

Watch this space!

Warped Science Label Reboot


Another exciting step back in time. Warped Science was the first label Storm & Euphony created together home to their first collaborations. Remaining with the theme of time travel, the pair are working on rebooting Warped Science to encapsulate the Happy Hardcore sounds of the late 90s.

Let the experiments begin!

AL Storm & Euphony

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 16.16.34.png

With momentum of Al Storm's mighty 247 Hardcore collection of labels and the introduction of Voodoo Panda, Euphony still continues to contribute to the more modern upfront UK Hardcore, and Happy Hard Dance sounds.

Heaven 7

A collaboration between Euphony and singer songwriter Vicky Fee from 2003 - 2009. Although on ice for many years while both artists pursue other avenues, there are still many unreleased tracks sitting in the vaults. Maybe during Euphony's time travelling adventures the sound of Heaven 7 may grace the airwaves once again.